2017 NCHU Columbus Weekend Soccer Tournament - Oct. 7 & 8 

Authorization To Travel - For ENYYSA and LIJSL Teams
ENYYSA Explanation: If your team is attending any USSF Affiliate tournament such as US Club, AYSO, SAY, and Super Y, the team manager must complete the ENYYSA on-line "Travel Authorization" prior to the tournament start date, regardless of where you are traveling to.


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  • Guaranteed 4 skill-level matched games (2 per day) for U9 through U15 teams
  • Flights available for most skill levels in all competitive age groups
  • Minimized wait times between games (usually 1 game's time)
  • Minimized travel between games (all U12 and younger have no travel and stay together all games at one site - U13+ flights may travel 1 time to a playoff match only on day 2)
  • Flexible roster size and guest player rules - (see FAQ section for details)
  • ​3 referee system for all full sized field (120 x 65 yds.) games (U13 and older) - referees for all age groups supplied by LISRA - Long Island Soccer Referees Association
  • U9 - U12 fields (70 x 50 yds.) - goals (7 yds. wide & 7 feet high)
  • High School aged team's game schedules start no earlier than 1:30 PM on Saturday
  • Night games will be scheduled for U13 and older divisions as field resources allow
  • Patch exchange tournament U10 and younger
  • Tournament playing rules mirror those to be used in Fall 2017 NYCSL including: US Soccer's calendar year age groupings; and concussion avoidance "no headers allowed for U11 and younger"
  • ​Scheduling accommodation for multi-team on field head coach / trainer (2 team max per on field head coach / trainer)
  • Special requests for competition level and/or playing up in age will be reviewed by the Tournament Director and allowed if fair to all competitors
  • U8's requesting playing up must register as U9 and will be placed in weakest U9 flights
  • Placement consultation available to all clubs 
  • Professional EMT staff full time at every site
  • First, second, and third place trophies go to each player on the roster of those positioned teams in every 8 team flight.  Smaller flights have 2 levels of awards.
  • A championship cup goes to the head coach of the flight's first place team
  • For a full description of how awards are determined see the Awards Rules Document in the Links tab.



June 15:     Registration Opens

August 31:   Guaranteed Admission Deadline

​​​Sept. 14:     Open Registration Ends
​Sept. 30:     Schedules Posted
​Oct. 1:         Off LI Teams Email Check-In Deadline
Oct. 2:          LI Teams Check-in (mandatory in-person)
​Oct. 7-8  :     Tournament Playing Dates

Key Dates

Cancellation Insurance


Cancellation Insurance has been purchased for all applicants and nothing additional needs to be done by teams to have their application fees protected in the event of a full or partial tournament cancellation. If we are forced to cancel the entire tournament, all teams will receive a 100% refund of their entrance fee. If either of the 2 days are cancelled, a 50% refund will be issued. The Lloyds Of London policy in effect does not cover any additional expenses incurred by teams such as travel and housing.  

​​Reason for any type of tournament cancellation: Soccer is a game expected to be played in mildly adverse weather conditions. We have professional referees controlling all games, and the immediate condition of fields will dictate our ability to hold the tournament. Additionally, the owners (towns and school districts) of the fields we use also have the right to negate our permits if severe weather has occurred, or is expected to occur. The main and overriding rule is always to protect the health of our participants.