2018 NCHU Columbus Weekend Soccer Tournament - Oct. 6 & 7 

        Multi-team Discount available 
  • $ 50 per team for clubs with 10 or more registrations. Can be applied at acceptance if total number of teams being sent is known, or will be paid in the form of a single rebate check after the tournament if the team count is met during registration.  
  • Suffolk County, New York - Playing in Northport, East Northport,  and Huntington


Sanctioned By

No request for refund will be granted after a team has been accepted to play.

In the event of a full 2 day cancellation of play, a 75% refund of the application fee paid will be made to each registered team.

The Northport Club will determine any different refund amounts if a portion of the tournament is needing to be cancelled after play has started.              


  • October 6 and 7 - Saturday and Sunday - All Teams Play Both Days


  • Boys and Girls --- Ages U9 through U14 --- All levels of play - Beginner to Premier 


  • U9 - U10 (7v7) -- Guaranteed four 50 minute games (2 games per day) -  $ 750
  • U11 - U12 (9v9) -- Guaranteed four 50 minute games (2 games per day)  -  $ 750
  • U13 - U14 (11v11) -- Guaranteed four 60 minute games (2 games per day)  - $ 850       


Welcome To Our 30th Year

The 2018 Northport Cow Harbor Columbus Day Weekend Tournament  

 - Guaranteed 4 skill-level matched games (2 per day) for U9 through U14 teams
- Flights available for most skill levels in all age groups
- Minimized wait times between games (usually 1 game's time)
- Minimized travel between games (all U12 and younger have no travel and stay together all
games at one site - U13/U14 flights may travel 1 time to a playoff match only on day 2)
- 3 guest players allowed per team
​ - 3 referee system for all U13/14 full sized field (120 x 65 yds.) games - referees for all
age groups supplied by LISRA - Long Island Soccer Referees Association
- U9 - U12 fields ( 70 x 45 yds.) and goals (7 yds. wide x 7 feet high) proper sized
- Night games will be scheduled for U13/U14 play as field resources allow
- Patch exchange tournament U10 and younger
- ​Scheduling accommodation for the multi-team on-field head coach / trainer (2 team max)
- Special requests for competition level and/or playing up in age will be reviewed by the
Tournament Director and allowed if fair to all competitors in affected flight
- Placement consultation available to all clubs - contact our scheduler directly by
emailing your request for a meeting to nchutournament@nchu.org
- Professional EMT staff employed full time at every playing site
- Fully integrated with the Gotsoccer Tournament Scheduler


This tournament is unrestricted. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S.  

Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.