2017 NCHU Columbus Weekend Soccer Tournament - Oct. 7 & 8 

Q:  How many games can any one player participate in during the tournament?

A:   A maximum of 4 games total can be played by any one player over the 2 day tournament.

Q:  Where can I find all the rules for the tournament?

A:  The rules book can be found on the LINKS page of this web site.

Q:  What is the rule for headers by age group?

A: No headers are allowed for U11 and younger players.  Any player deliberately heading a ball in these age groups will cause the other team to receive an indirect free kick (IFK).

Q:  How many players are allowed on a roster / dress for any one game?

A:  U9 & U10 - 16 / 16; U11 & U12 - roster 18 / 18 ; U13 and older - 20 / 18

Q:  What is the cutoff date for players to be eligible for any age group?

A:  The tournament uses the calendar year rule to determine age group eligibility as prescribed by our sanctioning organization, US Club.  We allow players no more than 2 years younger to play on an older team.  See the Age Group Chart on the Links page. 

Q:  What types of tournament competition flights are available and what types of play and awards exist?

A:  We will try to place all tournament level play U9 - U15 teams into 8 team flights made up of equal skill A and B brackets.   This size flight plays 3 games in bracket and then a 4th playoff game is held between the top A team and the top B team for the championship and 2nd place trophies/awards.  All other teams in the A bracket play a 4th playoff game against the teams in the B bracket of similar placing. The 2nd place A team and 2nd place B team play for a 3rd place flight trophy.  If a 5 or 6 team flight is formed for these ages, these teams will play a 4 game round robin inside their flight and a champion and a 2nd place winner will be determined by points (there is no playoff game beyond the in flight 4 games and no 3rd place award). For all types of flights, every roster member of an award winning team gets a trophy/award.   The championship winning coach gets a trophy cup.  U9 - U15 teams play 2 games each on Saturday and Sunday.  

Q:  Why do words appear truncated or missing in the Gotsoccer registration application?

A:  We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser while in the Gotsoccer application to best see all the information intended for this process.

Q:  How can I purchase the pink socks or hats you sell to donate to the tournament charity?

A:  In support of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Fund we sell pink soccer socks and hats to any who wish to donate and show their support.  You can now purchase these on-line directly from the charity's web site or with a mail in form (link and form on home page).  Order as early as you can as these tend to sell out fast.  Pick up or delivery information is on form and charity's web site. 

Q:  Does every playing site have tournament services like medical technicians and concessions and bathrooms?

A:  Yes, we supply professionally qualified and equipped EMTs and bathroom facilities (either permanent or portable) at every site.  Refreshment vendors will be available where site owners permit.

Q: What type of payment does the tournament accept?

A:  Credit cards from VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted, along with any bank's E-check.  E-checks work  like writing a paper check.  Instead of mailing us the paper check, you fill out the bank account information that appears on the bottom of your check into our online payment system when you complete your registration process and we electronically cash the check.

Q:  Does the tournament allow guest players?

A:  Each team can have 3 age appropriate (up to 2 years playing up) guest players.  Once added to your tournament roster by writing their names onto your submitted official roster, the roster must still be within the tournament's allowed age group roster size.  You can cross out players on your official roster either being replaced by the guest players or if they are not able to attend the tournament. Guest players, like all tournament players, are only allowed to play a total of 4 games during the tournament. All guest players must have: either a league playing pass or a birth certificate to prove age; a signed medical release form from your league or from our tournament; and players from outside the team's club must have a filled out guest player form.

Q:  Which medical release form do I need for each player on my team?

A:  You can either use the medical release form that your team uses for its league or you can use the form we supply through the Links tab on this web site.  Every player must have a form signed by a parent or guardian but this form does not have to be notarized (if it already is it is fine).

Q:  What other types of forms do we need for each player on our team and how do we get them to you?

A:  Please use the Links tab to see the detailed check-in instructions on the types of forms needed and how to either send them via email (off Long Island team) or deliver them in person (Long Island team).

Q:  My team's head coach or our trainer that coaches our games is expected to coach another team in the tournament.  How can we be assured that they are available to coach all these games?

A:  Our scheduler will attempt to separate the 2 team's schedules.  It is helpful if you identify this coach or trainer and the teams involved to us during the registration process, and it also helps to register this individual as the actual head coach for this tournament in your GOTSOCCER team record.  While we cannot guarantee the schedule separation due to the complexity of scheduling our large tournament, we do all we can to accommodate this request and are usually able to.

Q:  When will schedules be available and how do I find them?

A:  We have a target of releasing the schedules exactly one week prior to the first day of play.  We will send an email confirming this date to all registered coaches and managers as soon as the schedule is ready to be released.  The schedules will be on-line and available by using the Links tab on this web site.

Q:  If I missed the deadline, how can I tell if my team is needed?

A:  We will post the gender and ages of all teams needed to fill flights on the home page of this web site starting on September 17. 

Q:  How can I be assured my team plays in a competitive flight?

A:  We will place your team into a flight where the other teams all closely match your skill and experience levels.  You will see a competition survey section to fill out during your online registration process where there are places for you to tell us exactly what type of team you are bringing to the tournament, and we use this information to place you appropriately.  


Q:  Can we submit an application without filling out a lot of information about our team?

A:  There is a bare minimum of details that is required during the registration process to help us place you in the proper playing group, and those entry fields are mandatory and include the name of the travel league you belong to (if you are a travel team) and what division you expect to play in.  We also ask for your opinion on what type of competition level you would like to participate in. Besides that, the information you enter when you create your GOTSOCCER team account is all we need, and if we have any questions we will contact you directly. 

 Q:  Are all applicants guaranteed to be accepted?

 A:  If you register and pay before end of day August 31, you will be guaranteed acceptance.  Those  registering afterwards will be accepted unless an announcement on the home page of this web site is made to restrict acceptances. 

Q: When is the registration deadline?

A: Open registration deadline is September 14, 2017 at midnight. Only needed teams can register later.


Q:  How many players including goalkeepers play on the field?

A:   U9 & U10 - 7 v 7; U11 & U12 - 9 v 9; U13 and older - 11 v 11